CRADLE CFD - Basics - Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
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This course provides an introduction to the basic techniques, strategies, and theory of CFD.

Attendees will gain knowledge of:

- The computational solution of fluid flow and heat transfer processes
- Benefits and common applications of CFD analysis
- The CFD design cycle
- The key components of a CFD analysis
- Geometry cleaning and simplification
- Different types of computational mesh
- Different flow regimes, boundary conditions and analysis techniques
- The impacts and modeling of turbulence
- Steps to assure and evaluate the accuracy of a CFD analysis

Course Outline:

1. Overview of CFD
2. Governing equations
3. Material properties
4. Laminar/turbulent flow
5. Computational domain
6. Computational mesh
7. Boundary conditions
8. Heat transfer
9. Steady/transient simulations
10. Visualization and evaluation of results
11. When to use CFD

Course Type:

This course is a 1-year subscription from the date of enrollment


130 minutes

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