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This course outlines the basic features and functionality of COSTOPTIMIZER.  

Topic Covered:
1. Overview of COSTOPTIMIZERĀ® and Material Library
2. Importing a geometry and defining material
3. Filling and removing holes and notches
4. Creating a double attached part
5. Generating a tool mesh and punch direction
6. Defining the forming process and applying forming constraints
7. Analysing Thickness Strain, Safety Zones, and Forming Limit Diagram
8. Defining and exporting a blank
9. Defining die plane and layout parameters
10. Selecting a progressive nesting layout
11. Solving for a mirror carrier layout
12. Adding stretch webs to a mirror carrier layout
13. Setting sheet parameters for a strip nesting layout
14. Defining layout parameters for a strip nesting layout
15. Solving for a One Up strip nesting layout
16. Exporting layouts and generating workbench reports

Prerequisites: Download and install FormingSuite COSTOPTIMIZER.
Locate the B Pillar.igs geometry file in the Geo Folder: C:\FTI\geo\2 up_brkt.igs

Course Type:

This course is a 1-year subscription from the date of enrollment


30 minutes

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