Absolute Arm 6-Axis

Conduct one-of-a-kind, high-accuracy probing with useful multifunctionality and productivity improvements.


The portable measuring arm optimised for probing

A specialised touch measurement tool that also boasts the option for entry-level 3D scanning – the Absolute Arm 6-Axis is one of a kind. Based on patented technology with Absolute Encoders located at every articulation point and designed with ease-of-movement and usage as a focus, this is a portable measuring arm like no other.


IP54 certification

The world’s first portable measuring arm with an IP54 rating, and guaranteed functionality in temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius, the Absolute Arm is the perfect partner for measurement in even the most challenging environmental conditions.


Absolute portability

Setup and repositioning is a quick and easy process, while the functionally designed and shock-resistant carry case keeps everything secure during transport.


Advanced materials

Built on a foundation of high-tech carbon-fibre tube construction, the Absolute Arm maintains strength and thermal stability under any environmental conditions, offering reliable accuracy whatever the environment.


ISO certification

The probing accuracy of the Absolute Arm 6-Axis is certified according to ISO 10360-12 as standard.

Absolute Arm 6-Axis Specifications

Accuracy (EUNI₁)

From 0.023 mm

Arm sizes

2.0m / 2.5m / 3.0m / 3.5m / 4.0m / 4.5m


83 series – Entry level measurement accuracy​

85 series – Perfect balance between value for money and accurate measurement​

87 series – Ultimate solution for portable high-accuracy measurement

Protection class

IP 54

Operating temperature

5 to +45°C


ISO 10360-12:2016 (for probing)


From 7.8 kg

₁ Maximum permissible longitudinal error of measurement − according to ISO 10360-12:2016​

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