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Nexus is Hexagon’s new Digital Reality Platform for manufacturers that connects people, technologies and data to accelerate innovation and bring ideas to life faster than ever before.

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Nexus offers a personalized and interactive way for users to get easy access to all software and hardware products from both Hexagon and partner networks. You can also schedule training, purchase accessories and receive tailored support, in a single location. Discover new products and curated solutions, build collaborative workflows, and gain access to free trials of new apps.

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Personalized dashboard
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Manage all the products you own in your dashboard, find solutions using your own criteria and download the latest software.

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You can add your products into Nexus, explore new products, get personalized product recommendations and access a collection of industry‑specific curated products too.

Engineering Reality Magazine

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Elevate your existing workflows with our intelligent software, so you can accelerate innovation and time-to-market.

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Explore Hexagon's solutions and products in a fully immersive and engaging environment.

3D Showroom Experience

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