Absolute Scanner AS1-XL

The extra fast, extra easy, extra versatile, extra automated, extra large 3D laser scanner.


Fast and simple large-surface inspection

The Absolute Scanner AS1-XL is a 3D laser scanner designed to meet the needs of emerging 3D scanning applications for which higher productivity is the priority. Working in conjunction with both our Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 laser tracker systems and our Absolute Arm 7-Axis portable measuring arms, the AS1-XL opens the door to previously infeasible large-scale 3D digitisation tasks.


Extra-wide scan line

Never-before-seen measurement scan-line width of up-to 800 millimetres makes the full digitisation of large surfaces faster and easier than ever before.


Large standoff

Unprecedented measurement stand-off of up-to 1000 millimetres delivers excellent access to hard-to-reach hidden measurement areas, opening up a new world of laser scanner applications that were previously out of reach.


SHINE performance

Advanced algorithms of our SHINE technology allow you to digitise almost any surface type with the default exposure settings, from glossy black plastic automotive body parts to moulded carbon-fibre components, making high-quality measurement easier than ever with no high-level training required and operator variability eliminated.


Cross-platform compatibility

Fit the AS1/AS1-XL to a handheld Absolute Positioner AP21 unit to measure over large volumes with an Absolute Tracker, or switch to an Absolute Arm 7-Axis for smaller-scale measurement, with no realignment required when switching.


Automation ready

A direct digital input/output function built into the scanner controller allows robot movement and scanning tasks to be managed without a dedicated automation interface for laser tracker automation setups.

Absolute Scanner AS1-XL Specifications

Scanner accuracy


Max. point acquisition

Up-to 1.2 millions points/sec

Min. point spacing

0.080 mm

Scanning frequency

Max. 300 Hz

Laser line width​

600 mm (at mid-field)


700 +/- 300 mm

Protection class

IP 54

Automated exposure


₁PFORM.Sph.1×25:ODS, based on a part of the ISO-10360 standard

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