Designed for gap and flush inspection on the moving vehicle production line, the CALIPRI C15 offers accurate results with minimal training.


Handheld measurement systems for inline flush and gap inspection in automotive

The CALIPRI C15 model brings extra flexibility to handheld inline measurement in production and assembly lines. The CALIPRI C15 wireless non-contact inline measurement device uses laser light section technology and supports continuous hand-guided gap and flush measurements on a production line.

The C15 exists in two versions, the C15 Fix for use at a single workstation, and the portable C15 Flex, which is designed for versatility and can be moved easily from one production line to another.

CALIPRI C15 Specifications

Measurement capability​

Flush & gap - Manual measurement, in-line measurement


Non-contact laser light section with patented CALIPRI principle​

Laser class​


Measurement time​

1~4 sec/measuring point​


Inline, manual, wireless, hot swap battery​

Gap size range​

50 x 50 mm​

Accuracy & repeatability​

Accuracy < +/- 30μm, ​

Repeatability < +/-15µm​

Data export​

csv, xml, pdf, customer specific​

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