CALIPRI C42 RollShop

Optimise your product quality and production process with the CALIPRI C42 for roll measurement.


Detects roll wear and measures roll gaps

With CALIPRI C42 Rollshop the contactless profile measurement of rolls is done by a simple wave of your hand. The detection of roll wear, as well as the measurement of the roll gap, can be performed on build-in or dismounted rolls alike. Thus, making the C42 a universal gauge to optimize your product quality and production set-up.

Compared to mechanical or feeler gauges, the C42 delivers faster results at higher accuracy and with higher repeatability. Results are transferred wirelessly to a tablet PC, where the measured data is subsequently stored and used for data evaluation.

CALIPRI C42 RollShop Specifications

Measurement capability​

Profile, Roll caliber, Roll gap​


Non-contact laser light section with patented CALIPRI principle​

Laser class​


Protection class



Manual, wireless, battery supplied​

Field of view​

150 – 130mm | 6 x 5 inches​


< +/- 100 μm​

Data export​

csv, xml, pdf, customer specific​

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