CALIPRI Prime is fully-integrated optical inspection system for the precise measurement of the key railway wheel flange dimensions.


Handheld optical inspection solution

With CALIPRI Prime, errors caused when attaching bulky instruments and variations from using wheel profile wear gauges or templates are a thing of the past. The device’s embedded software evaluates flange height, thickness, and cross-dimension (qR) according to preset limit values. All the wheel characteristics are displayed on the sensor screen within a few seconds and are available for digital transfer to your PC if needed.

The CALIPRI Prime is typically used in for train wheel measurement in maintenance applications in service shops, stations, or in the field. It can replace mechanical gauges and fixtures for several wheel measurement applications, reducing the total cost and improving accuracy.

CALIPRI PRIME Specifications

Measurement capability​

Train wheel profiles​


Non-contact laser light section with patented CALIPRI principle​

Laser class​


Protection class​

IP54 (ruggedized design)​


Manual, battery supplied​

Field of view​

150 – 130mm | 6 x 5 inches​


Accuracy < +/- 80μm ​

Repeatability < +/-35µm​

Data export​

csv, pdf​

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