DPA Professional

A high-end handheld digital camera at the heart offers maximum flexibility in spatially confined or hard-to-reach areas.


High-End 3D Measurement with a Handheld Digital Camera

Part of the DPA Series, DPA Professional is a handheld digital camera-based photogrammetry system that allows for both production control and monitoring on the spot, without long manufacturing downtime or time-consuming transport to the measuring machine.

DPA Professional Specifications

Sensor unit​

Canon EOS R

Camera resolution​

30.3 MP | 6720 x 4480


Up to 8 images / sec.

View finder​


Sensor weight​

1.7 kg​

Wireless data transfer​


Accuracy (MPE₁)​

15 μm + 15 μm * Length diagonal [m]


VDI 2634 page 1 certified system​

₁ MPE (Maximum Permissible Error) of length measurement error, based on VDI/VDE 2634 part 1: defined as maximum permissible deviation of a measured length, which is located between two measuring points, signalised with photogrammetric targets, in the entire measuring volume of the measuring object, regardless of the position and orientation.

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