Complete CAM solution for Swiss-type CNC machines.

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Fine-tuning of cutting toolpaths with extensive control

Optimization of cycle times with multi-channel process synchronization

Reduction in on-machine setup time with full simulation of the machine and the program

Delivery of machine-optimized, edit-free G-code

Optimise cycle time for Swiss-type CNC machines through efficient programming

From 3D CAD file to machine-optimized G-code, ESPRIT unlocks the full potential of the Swiss-type turning center. It meets the demands of Swiss programming with a natural workflow, powered by a full suite of milling and turning cycles, high-speed machining, and FreeForm cycles for simultaneous 3- and 5-axis milling. ESPRIT is the right choice for an all-in-one programming solution that produces edit-free G-code for all classes of Swiss-type CNC turning centers.

A versatile CAM solution for Swiss-type CNC machines


Swiss-Type Machining

To provide programming, optimization, and simulation specifically tuned for Swiss CNC turning centers, ESPRIT 2K combines a comprehensive suite of milling, turning, and inspection cycles with support for Swiss-specific machine components - sliding headstocks, guide bushings, gang slides and posts for tooling, secondary spindles, and collinear axes.


Full-Spectrum Milling & Turning

As a full-spectrum CAM system, ESPRIT 2K delivers powerful programming, accurate simulation, and machine-optimized G-code for any class of CNC machine, limited only by the machine’s physical capabilities. ESPRIT 2K employs a single user interface to program, optimize, and simulate machining tasks for milling, turning, wire EDM, and additive operations.


Synchronized & Optimized CAM Program

Process optimization strategies include segmentation of the program to take advantage of the guide bushing’s support for greater stability and more aggressive cuts, and specialized cutting cycles such as pinch turning and pinch milling that use multiple tools simultaneously within a single operation. Users can use machining patterns for synchronized and superimposed motion to optimize the cycle time for the overall process.


Simulation, Verification, & Analysis

With ESPRIT 2K, users can use the built-in machine simulation and verification to prove out programs beforehand and save valuable machine time. Based upon a digital twin of the Swiss machine, the simulation displays all the machining action in real time. This provides a highly accurate, animated view of the entire process, including the Swiss-specific cycles, motions, and components. Users can validate the program with collision detection between the tool, part, and all the components of the machine.


Support for Costing & Quoting

To help with costing and quoting, ESPRIT can provide time studies based on cycle times. Use the report generator to produce setup sheets designed to provide shop floor operators with an overview of the job, processes, and tooling.


Machine Optimized Solutions

ESPRIT offers individual solutions, built-in cooperation with each machine manufacturer, and tuned for each Swiss-type turning center. With ESPRIT, users can quickly move with confidence from design to finished part while minimizing programming and setup time, cycle times, and operator supervision.

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