ETQ Reliance NXG

ETQ Reliance NXG

Cloud-native Quality Management System powered by 40 best-in-class applications adaptable to your unique environment.

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Use lightning-fast and actionable information discovery to anticipate and facilitate user needs.

Tap into the limitless power of cloud technology to rapidly supercharge your quality processes, tailoring them to your specific needs.

Infuse quality with advanced analytics that empower informed action and ensure high levels of quality.

A powerful and agile electronic QMS

Bring first-rate quality management software to any device. ETQ Reliance NXG is fully cloud-native, focused on the core pillars of usability, flexibility, visibility, and scalability to eliminate barriers that inhibit collaboration and innovation and accelerate business change on a large scale.

The key benefits of using ETQ Reliance NXG include:

Seamlessly deliver quality excellence

ETQ Reliance is built upon a core set of quality applications that can be enhanced with seven optional applications, granting operators much-needed flexibility in modifying its systems to suit their exact needs. These include document control, training management, audit management, and corrective action process.

Features of ETQ Reliance NXG include:


Optimize critical processes

Drive quality excellence by optimizing critical business processes to ensure reduced costs and potential quality defects.


Accelerate product time to market

Optimized processes enable users to avoid quality missteps, reducing the number of quality checks made and delivering products ahead of competitors.


Streamlined quality processes

Boost productivity by taking all required quality processes and organizing them in a manner that best suits the needs of your business.

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