HH-MI-M Manual M8 Probe Head

HH-MI-M Manual Indexing Probe Head with M8 threaded connection.


A probe head with an accurate indexing probe stylus

The HH-MI-M can turn to 168 positions and swivel in 15° increments without the need for recalibration. It can accept all probes and accessories with an M8 connection.

The angular movements A and B are clearly indicated in separate windows on the probe head so that the precise angle can be viewed at a glance. HH-MI-M can be disengaged by hand. Tactile and visual feedback lets the user know the angular position of the ball probe at all times. The assured repeatable precision means you can carry out highly accurate measurements with considerable time savings.

HH-MI-M Manual M8 Probe Head Specifications

Indexing angle


A-axis angle

0° - 90°

B-axis angle


Total number of positions


Rotation speed

Manual, by two buttons on the probes head

Max. extension length

M8/M8 50 mm

Probe mounting


Changer rack compatibility

Not compatible

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