Intelligent Machine Control (IMC)

Intelligent Machine Control (IMC)

Automate the calculation and execution of tool offset corrections, to help effectively optimize production processes.


Smart, maintained production quality for stabilization of production processes.

Avoid over/under compensation by automating the correction process and minimizing human intervention.

Robust, scrap/rework rate reduction.

Enabling the automated feedback loop for successful production

Through advanced statistical analysis of measurement data, IMC brings improvements to the dimensional quality of all features produced.

The benefits of using IMC include:

Considerably reduce costs and manual machine effort

With IMC, the automatic delivery and correction of tools reduce the manual effort. Experience reduced tool costs and scrap and minimized number of machine operators.

Features of IMC include:


Automatic tool offset correction

Conduct useful, automatic tool offset correction without the need for operator intervention.


Clever correction computation

Expert correction computation based on statistical evaluation of all affected dimensions.


Intelligently networked systems

Superior insight and control over your production process, thanks to intelligent links between the machine, machine measurement, and external systems.

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