CAM product that generates optimum roughing and finishing CNC toolpaths from complex shapes.


Improve the productivity of old CNC machines by reducing air cutting time and increasing the speed of programs with smooth arcs for continuous machine tool motion.

Reduce operation times by processing multiple calculations simultaneously inside of a single database.

Maintain smooth motion control machining for all toolpaths to ensure specific contour moves are optimized accurately.

Take your machining productivity to new heights

A technological leader in high-speed machining, MACHINING STRATEGIST outclasses the competition with its numerous unique machining strategies. Meet the demand for ever-shorter lead times without compromising on improved product quality.

The benefits of using MACHINING STRATEGIST include:

A high-speed machining solution for maximized productivity

MACHINING STRATEGIST comes equipped with a suite of professional tools for precision CAD modeling. Toolholder gouge protection, waveform roughing, batch processing, and tool libraries gift you with a diverse toolset capable of meeting all your needs.

Features of MACHINING STRATEGIST include:


Toolholder gouge protection

Specify toolholders from a standard tooling catalog, or create them from scratch according to any available in your shop. These can then be stored in a network-accessible database for easy future access.


Waveform Roughing

Maintain a constant engagement with Waveform, enabling optimal feed rate throughout the cycle. This greatly improves your tools' lifespan while simultaneously reducing the risk of breakage.


Batch processing

Easily record event sequences by selectively specifying which machining sequences to record after the operation has been run. This lets you build a precise selection of operations that can be used to automate other jobs.

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