Connected Worker Maintenance

Connected Worker Maintenance

Deliver enhanced performance through real-time data and mobile solutions. Connected Worker Maintenance provides a set of digital workflows to track capital equipment and optimize usage schedules.


Improves overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and operational excellence indicators, enhancing equipment efficiency and performance.

Enables real-time monitoring of equipment status, ensuring timely interventions and reducing downtime.

Provides insights into specific time periods, aiding data-driven decision-making that drives process improvements.

Optimize your maintenance operations and drive productivity

Improve machinery safety and durability with Connected Worker Maintenance! Our solution lets you efficiently manage assets and predicts and prevents breakdowns with real-time status monitoring. It uses field service work orders to enable mobile task execution and boosts capital equipment efficiency across work sites. It even offers an intuitive, mobile tool-tracking interface that locates any tool in your inventory to prevent loss and theft. Achieve seamless operations and prolonged equipment lifespan for significant return on your investment.

Scalable features for all your maintenance needs


Asset Management

Optimizes both OEE and other indicators of operational excellence, whether for a singular device or a group of systems. This applies to both real-time monitoring and reporting over specific time periods.


Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

Employs advanced analytics, AI and machine learning to proactively predict and respond to issues in real time before they occur. Detects anomalies and interprets warning signs before downtime events interrupt operations. Accelerates remedial actions.


Field Service Work Orders

Enables mobile execution of work orders, timekeeping, remote mentoring, parts requisitions, safety procedures and document retrieval. Revamps field service and reliability operations by empowering technicians to respond swiftly and work more intelligently.


Equipment Utilization

Empowers your enterprise to optimize assets, bolster operational resilience and make informed decisions, leading to enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and sustained growth. Increases asset utilization to maximize the potential of resources, facilitate precise maintenance scheduling and reduce overall costs by promoting efficient asset management practices.


Tool Tracking

Offers comprehensive visibility into precise details of your tool inventory from any iOS, Android or browser device. Customized to align with your workflows and seamlessly integrated with your existing systems, it delivers automated, digital access to the location of each tool, along with its current and past usage history.


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