Automatic solution for machining dental prostheses, implants, and structures, with state-of-the-art machining strategies.


Minimize set-up and production time with WORKNC DENTAL’s user-friendly interface and tools.

Deliver a high-quality finish on all dental implants, prosthetics, and structures, eliminating the need for a manual finish.

Set up machining routines on any tool designed for use with common dental implant materials.

Seamlessly facilitate 3- to 5-axis machining

Establish dental implant machining routines with minimal time and effort. WORKNC DENTAL incorporates dental industry best practices into its design to help prosthetists and dental technicians operate the software with ease.

The key benefits of using WORKNC DENTAL include:

Set up complex dental machining routines in just a few steps

WORKNC DENTAL is equipped with a comprehensive selection of first-class automated and interactive features. All of WORKNC DENTAL’s tools are created with user experience in mind and guide you quickly and smoothly through the preparation and machining process.

Features of WORKNC DENTAL include:


Collision checking and dynamic simulations

Thanks to rigorous testing and impeccable design standards, WORKNC DENTAL provides exceptional reliability for risk-free machining.


Implant framework machining

WORKNC DENTAL’s Dental Expert version comes armed with 5-axis positional and simultaneous 5-axis implant machining functionality. This integrated implantology module automatically detects implant pivot holes and hole orientation for reliable and precise machining.


Specific process machining

Effortlessly handle specific processes such as stellite and model machining. WORKNC DENTAL’s model machining facilitates 5-axis strategies to handle undercut areas correctly.

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