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Services to maximize the benefits of measurement.

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Helping to build a world where quality drives productivity

Helping to build a world where quality drives productivity

Hexagon can help you understand and fulfil the requirements of qualified professionals, before, during, and after delivering a metrology solution. We provide bespoke local support and services to the highest quality standards, to maximize the benefits of measurement.

Metrology Application Services

For every individual business, maintaining quality control requirements are vital. Hexagon’s certified metrology technicians can provide new measuring programs ready for use when you are not able to divert systems for a new job. If you encounter a peak production period, and lack the inspection capacity to match particularly complex or specialized measurement activities, we are here to run a full inspection either at one of our fully-staffed centers or on-site using our portable measurement devices or your installed equipment.


Contract programming

Contract inspection

Verification & Calibration

Careful management of measurement systems throughout their service life ensures continued return on investment for both inspection and production equipment. Our services team can perform inspections of measurement instrumentation, to verify performance and, if necessary, make adjustments and calibrations to ensure operation as required.


Interim checks




System upgrade, rebuild and rental

When purchasing a new system, Hexagon will deliver and install to ensure operation as required. For customers purchasing a new measurement system as a replacement for an existing machine, Hexagon offers trade-in and collection. These systems will be rebuilt, reconditioned and retrofitted, and can be purchased as preowned systems. For customers experiencing unplanned peaks, Hexagon also offers measurement system rental.






System Rebuilds


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