Materials Enrich

Materials Enrich

The best-in-class solution combining material modeling and machine learning to efficiently enrich material data.

Using a combination of reliable digital tests, physics-informed AI, and pure AI, this easy-to-use platform enriches material data gaps. The process will save you time and costs relative to experimental testing campaigns and simultaneously support and improve sustainable working practices by reducing materials waste.

Reduce materials waste in lengthy and costly physical testing by using advanced technology that enables you to enrich material data in a few easy clicks.

The user-friendly interface with streamlined workflows allows the user to complete the tasks quickly and efficiently.

A cloud-native platform that quickly computes missing gaps in your material data sets.

Efficiently enrich material data sets

Enrich material data in just a few clicks, saving time and costs. Its visual interface makes the process quick, efficient, and easy to use.

Combine digital tests with physics-informed AI and pure AI in this advanced technology platform

The user-friendly platform highlights the gaps in your test matrix that can be enriched with digital tests, physics-informed AI, and pure AI methods. This cloud-based technology ensures fast, reliable, and efficient results


Enrich Material Data

Fill in the gaps, complete, and extend all combinations of a matrix of materials data with digital tests, physics-informed AI, and pure AI.


Save Time & Costs

Assess the time and costs saved with digital data enrichment relative to the same campaign executed with traditional physical tests.


Cloud Computing

Leverage cloud-based computing resources that empower fast and high-fidelity enrichment of your material data.

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