3D Whiteboard

3D Whiteboard

The 3D Whiteboard is a visual collaboration tool that allows stakeholders of a project to perform live, interactive project reviews.


Save time reviewing information by giving live feedback through markup and commenting tools.

Sync design changes instantly, capture key moments of a meeting and return to specific views whenever needed.

The tool can be launched directly from the connected applications or from the project page.

Visual collaboration toolset

Share ideas, collect feedback and visually collaborate on a digital canvas. 3D Whiteboard is a fully interactive online whiteboard tool to brainstorm ideas and collaborate on projects with your team. With 3D Whiteboard, designers, simulation analysts and manufacturing engineers solve complex problems using seamless data flows and real-time collaboration with Industrial 3D. Design and project reviews can be conducted directly within the project space where dataflows such as import, export, and audit trails are automatically maintained behind the scenes.

Immersive, real-time collaboration environment for project meetings


Pinned comments

Users can pin comments directly to the 3D animation by clicking on any visible part of the model. All comments carry a status field which helps to track actions as they get resolved. Comments are always made in the context of the project and can be pinned to any of the geometries that are visible in the project.


Available as a Teams app

The 3D Whiteboard is available as a Teams app that can be added to any live Teams meeting to enable a fully immersive, real-time collaboration environment for project meetings.


Collaborative inking

Start drawing on the shared whiteboard and express your ideas on a digital canvas. With the inking tool, users can easily red-line and highlight areas of interest directly on the 3D canvas.


Capture and share 3D snapshots

Contextualize reviews and save snapshots from one or more angles as images. Snapshots are conveniently available in the Snapshot panel and can be used later to go back to the exact view as documented live in 3D.


3D view – live avatars

The three-dimensional view enables the rotation and zoom in/out of your design. In addition to audio and video collaboration, the embedded 3D Whiteboard brings live avatars and user presence in 3D to enable participants to co-view, co-edit and co-author content together.


FollowMe – a new perspective

Take control of the 3D Whiteboard point of view so meeting participants see exactly what you’re seeing to understand your perceptive on a particular area of interest on the 3D model. This tool is great for design reviews and process changes with cross functional teams where the expertise is shared, and the workflows are distributed.

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