Comprehensive design for manufacturing software for woodworkers.


Save time with the simple drag and drop design, which improves overall manufacturing efficiency.

Successfully minimize costs by optimizing material usage and reducing waste.

Increase job sales with photorealistic renderings and lifelike shop drawings.

Effectively design, price, render and build with CABINET VISION

CABINET VISION is the most widely used design-for-manufacturing software, capable of custom cabinet and room design, photorealistic renderings, material optimization, bidding and costing, and cut lists and bill of materials. Combined with the powerful S2M CENTER, it can automatically create machine-ready G-Code for CNC flat table routers, point-to-point machines, panel saws, drill and dowel machines, chop saws, and other specialized CNC machinery.

The benefits of using CABINET VISION include:

CABINET VISION is a complete, forward-thinking solution for design and manufacturing.

CABINET VISION makes it simple to play to your strengths as all-sized furniture, woodworking, or case good manufacturers, by using a single, fully modular software package that goes straight from design to production.

Features of CABINET VISION include:


Design and Render

Design all your projects with drag and drop ease, then create photo-realistic renderings to increase sales.


Bidding and Pricing

Create accurate bids straight from your designs based on various criteria, ensuring you maintain your desired profit margins.


Cut lists and reports

Generate cut lists and material requirements and utilize the custom report editor to share information with various departments involved in your business easily.


CNC output

Effectively manage the sending out of parts to machinery with on-demand labels, based on the type of material required.

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