Streamline the additive manufacturing process through intuitive, first-time-right production.


Guided workflows for more intuitive usage

First-time-right production through the use of advanced algorithms

Faster slicing & hatching by order of magnitudes

Complex additive manufacturing processes, made simple

Through its unique functionality and ease of use, AM-Studio enables you to substantially reduce the “time-to-print" for each application.

Optimize the additive manufacturing process with AM-Studio

All the toolsets provided within AM-Studio have been specifically designed to optimize the additive manufacturing process, from start to finish.


Optimal part orientation

Based on intelligent algorithms, so-called ‘OrientationMaps’ support 3D nesting during data preparation. The arrangement of parts is shown in color-coded zones, whereby the optimal position and orientation of parts are both highlighted.


Advanced support geometries

Alongside standard support geometries, AM-Studio also offers sophisticated, special support structures. Utilizing artificial intelligence, the user can generate savings on both construction time and cost by drastically reducing the time to print.


High-performing slicing and hatching

The embedded, high-performance algorithms allow the user to generate and process slicing data at speed, all while requiring low memory consumption.


Cost estimation

AM-Studio combines machine manufacturer-proven build time estimation algorithms with part and material data to generate a high-quality estimate of build job costs.

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