Connected Worker

Connected Worker

A value-focused app suite that empowers manufacturing operators by providing real-time mobile access to traditionally disparate data.

Hexagon's Connected Worker solutions capture traditionally paper-based processes digitally to provide real-time visibility and ensure that shop-floor tasks are completed fast, correctly and safely.

Overcome many of the common challenges that typically face frontline manufacturing operators.

Move from data silos to a connected, agile ecosystem, and no longer let time-consuming processes and disparate data sources hold you up.

Avoid rigid paper forms and checklists by creating custom forms.

Accurately plan and record workers' hours and reduce complexity within your operations.

Field tasks done fast, correctly and safely

Connected Worker ensures better data integrity, smoother operations and dramatically reduced administration costs.

The benefits of using Connected Worker include:

Decrease waste and keep the value chain cohesive

Connected Worker provides operators with easy access to the information they need to do their jobs more effectively, efficiently and safely. A suite of easy-to-use apps tailored to each role allows you to locate equipment, parts, tools and instructions via a simple interface.

Features of Connected Worker include:


Native apps

Built on native apps for iOS, Android or browser, Connected Worker is ideal for shop-floor service tasks, including work in process, part requisition requests, timesheets and simple communications between the office and operations teams.



Connected Worker's suite of easy-to-use apps is easily configurable according to user roles, ensuring processes are not held up by disparate data sources. Operators can get what they need on demand via a simple interface.


Field service optimization

The apps in this suite are ideal for all field service tasks, including work in process, parts requisition requests, timesheets, and simple communications between the office, operations team, and shop floor.


Agile working

Front line workers often find that systems used to monitor critical assets don't run remotely and allow them to work in an agile way. Connected Worker makes it easy to capture, display and act on real-time data, wherever you are, to optimize workflows.


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