Rapid creation of multi-domain system models, for evaluation of design feasibility and performance.


Inform early-stage decisions and define design direction by asking basic system integration and design questions before sufficient data to create CAE models exists.

Model multiple domains in one place to consider physical interactions during design and feasibility studies.

Connect components from other product packages via FMU, with extended connectivity available for Hexagon products to reduce bottlenecks between departments.

A tailored solving method to each component in the system, so there’s no compromise between model fidelity and performance.

Support early decision-making with a powerful simulation experience

Elements' simple-to-use software creates a low-effort path to modeling, designing, and simulating systems. Users can leverage extensive, expert-written libraries, or can choose to inspect, enhance or expand the equations within each component. Elements also enables rapid model creation so users can test out designs quickly and evaluate their performance and feasibility.

Multi-fidelity, multi-domain modelling and analysis

Elements offers multi-domain system modelling and analysis in one environment.


Extensive component libraries

Built-in example models with extensive components to choose from. Create models before you have data normally required for CAE using intuitive drag-and-drop modeling.


Connectivity and compliancy

100% compliant with FMI standard, with extended connections to two other Hexagon tools; Adams and Easy5 via unique SmartFMU.


Fully customizable

Experience complete freedom of customization thanks to the Modelica language base. Create and share custom libraries, and access underlying Modelica code for any component or subsystem.


Automatic system equations

System equations are generated automatically from the diagram and simplified using lossless symbolic techniques. Powered by Maplesoft technology, it matches each component to a tailored solver for optimized fidelity and performance.

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