Real-time solutions using AI and ML for engineering, manufacturing and quality.


Reduced computing effort (small samples) to apply adaptive learning to design space.

Gain precision and completeness in surrogate modeling via parametric time-histories and optimization.

Benefit from real-time visualization with no need to wait for lengthy FE runs.

Predict and optimize model responses against design variations or uncertainties.

Real-time, data-driven prediction, optimization and animation software

ODYSSEE is a unique and powerful platform suite that enables engineers to benefit from modern data science technology by creating cost-efficient Digital Twins through real-time predictive modeling and optimization for CAE simulation data, physical test data, or image-based predictions.

The benefits of ODYSSEE include:

Solving your engineering problems in real-time

ODYSSEE employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand underlying features of models or experimental setup with ODYSSEE CAE and ODYSSEE A-Eye.

Features of ODYSSEE include:


Real-time physics modeling

Enhance your knowledge by answering complex engineering questions in real-time that would otherwise take hundreds of hours to simulate and analyze. ODYSSEE CAE predicts, optimizes, and robustly generates accurate results in real-time producing full-time history outputs, including complete CAE analysis with detailed post-processing of results. Enjoy real-time prediction and optimization using image-based machine learning with ODYSSEE A-Eye for any industry.


Data-driven modeling based on ROM & ML

Utilize existing CAE simulation data, physical test data, images, or CAD geometry (STEP) to create dedicated customizations for production/non-engineers to accelerate product design and development.


Multidisciplinary optimization

Explore the design space more extensively and interactively and improve next-generation products without prohibitive computing costs or time.

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