HH-T Manual Probe Head

The HH-T is an articulated probe head that can be manually rotated to an infinite number of angular attitudes.


Manual swivelling head with integrated touch trigger probe

The HH-P probe head brings highly accurate and flexible probing to manual CMMs. The HH-P can carry a wide range of styli from the Hexagon Metrology range; the trigger force can be adjusted to optimize the measuring performance.

The probe head can be rotated into an infinite number of non-repeatable positions giving the user a highly flexible low-cost solution.

HH-T Manual Probe Head Specifications

Indexing angle

Fixed position

A-axis angle

Fixed position

B-axis angle

Fixed position

Total number of positions

Fixed position

Rotation speed

Fixed position

Max. extension length

Not available

Probe mounting

Not available

Changer rack compatibility

Not compatible

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