The world’s leading dimensional metrology software package for both stationary and portable metrology systems.

PC-DMIS is a metrology software solution for both metrology professionals and shop-floor operators, used to support systems ranging from CMMs to portable measuring arms and laser trackers.

PC-DMIS quickly adapts to changing conditions in real-time, using its flexible ‘change manager’ tools. This reduces the need for manual intervention, saving you both time and effort.

PC-DMIS’ extensive variety of features and functions allows you to confidently tackle a wide range of applications and inspection challenges.

As an integrated and intuitive digital solution, PC-DMIS minimizes user input and increases efficiency, ensuring consistent and timely delivery of actionable results throughout design, production, and inspection.

Smart measurement data you can trust

As well as meeting the latest ISO and ASME standards, PC-DMIS advances your coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and metrology systems to support your organization’s productivity and cost-saving objectives.

PC-DMIS streamlines metrology processes

PC-DMIS streamlines metrology processes across a wide range of measurement devices using a variety of sensors, all while consolidating multiple data streams. Features of PC-DMIS include:


Automatically apply GD&T from CAD models

Seamlessly import embedded GD&T directly from 3D CAD models and save time by automatically converting models to measurements.


Extensive point cloud library

Whether analyzing contoured surface shapes with informative colourmaps or extracting feature shapes for dimensional analysis, PC-DMIS’ rich set of tools ensures information is always presented in a concise and consistent manner for easier analysis and decision making.


Built-in accountability

The PC-DMIS Protect feature ensures reliable and consistent quality, with group-level protected control of inspection editing and tracking of authorized modifications. This prevents an operator-level user from making edits to a routine. For example, if this were for a medical device, the routine may have already been approved by a standards authority and therefore no further edits should be made.


Plug into your Statistical Process Control (SPC) system

PC-DMIS can work alongside any statistical process control (SPC) software, to maximize the efficiency of processes and reduce scrap.

Complementary Applications

Cloud-based Reporting

Cloud-based analytics through Metrology Reporting app, designed to centralize reporting functionality, making it accessible for all PC-DMIS and QUINDOS users on one single, scalable platform

Dynamic Inspection

Q-DAS Statistical process control software monitors process stability based on measurement data and instructs PC-DMIS to either run a full routine or a mini-routine. It requires no human intervention.


Real-time routine execution status monitoring and CMM health check via Metrology Asset Management.


Real-time routine execution status monitoring via Metrology Asset Manager.

Surface Defect Detection

PC-DMIS is integrated with Visual Detection - an automated surface inspection application capable of detecting defects across a wide range of materials It uses artificial intelligence to quickly learn from sample images in order to identify production defects.

Machine Tool Measurement

Through EDGECAM and NC Server, manufacturers can now also import PC‑DMIS measurement routines for inspection directly on the machine tool. This leads to comparable analysis throughout the quality process.


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