The Manufacturing AI and Data Platform for the Entire Product Lifecycle

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Identify previously unknown defects by using anomaly-detecting AI. Turn those into live pass/fail tests on your line and catch every defective unit before they reach the field

Resolve issues using a historical data record and AI-powered failure analysis tools to minimize the risk of additional defective units and boost your initial yield

Intercept defective units in the upstream assembly process, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming downstream fixes like teardowns and rework

Reduce costs by replacing manual inspectors. The AI intercepts defective units in real-time and is more accurate and faster than a manual operator, saving you time and money

Deliver the highest quality product with zero defects

Leverage AI-driven inspection technology, manufacturing oversight, and on-demand failure analysis for detecting, capturing, and resolving novel defects. Ensure zero escapes, elevate First Pass Yield (FPY), and minimize rework through comprehensive quality management

Find and fix issues with Data and AI

For engineering and operations teams building complex electronics


Aggregate Data

Gather siloed manufacturing data record for every unit from test stations, imaging stations, and Instrumental stations across the entire product lifecycle and turn it into a traceable data record.


Discover Novel Defects

Avoid extra builds and tests to find failures in your design. Find defects using real-time data from the factory and an anomaly-detecting AI. It only needs five units to get started and is continuously learning


Accelerate Failure Analysis

Solve problems faster by reviewing potential root causes from the world’s only AI-powered visual and data correlations and tracing the problem to its root cause using a historical assembly data record


Oversee Factory Operations

Proactively improve quality and yield with real-time manufacturing insights on output and yield, known defect monitoring, and SPC alerts while reducing dependence on factory production reports

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