Metrology Asset Manager

Metrology Asset Manager

Smart, cost-effective manufacturing to increase overall equipment effectiveness.


Whether reporting in real-time or over a period of time, this solution can keep fixed costs low.

Track environmental conditions with ease to reduce delays.

Metrology Asset Manager enables you to access information securely from anywhere.

Quickly locate assets via GPS (portable equipment).

Maximize efficiency, minimize downtime

Our Metrology Asset Manager solution excels in four focus areas: remote monitoring, analytics, health/operational readiness, and real-time notifications.

Deploy IoT and analytics applications in a cost-effective way

Metrology Asset Manager maximizes OEE and operational excellence indicators, capable of assisting either a single device or a set of systems. Even a slight change in overall equipment effectiveness can bring excellent benefits for the end result.

Features of Metrology Asset Manager include:


Real-time asset dashboard

Our Metrology Asset Manager solution uses real-time asset dashboard features to effectively show machine status.


Real-time notifications

Using Metrology Asset Manager allows you to receive real-time notifications of critical events, allowing you to act on potential obstacles and prevent delays.


Event logging

Industrial IoT device monitoring ensures you reap the rewards of real-time and historical event logging.


Mobile application

The Metrology Asset Manager app gives you a quick and easy remote dashboard access to real-time information about the health and performance status of their equipment from a smartphone or tablet.

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