OCTOPUZ Offline Robot Programming software programs complex robot applications in a virtual, offline environment.

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Learn quickly and reduce complexity with a simplified user experience

Access from anywhere with flexible user-based accounts

Easily jump into new projects with calibrated cell templates

Program mechanisms in the virtual world exactly as they are in the real world

Automatically detect and avoid robot errors

Optimize robot programs to reduce cycle time

Maximize robot ROI by programming complex applications quickly

OCTOPUZ Offline Robot Programming (OLRP) software enables complex robot applications to be programmed in a virtual, offline environment, without disruption to your manufacturing process and without the need for an onsite programming expert. OCTOPUZ eliminates the need for your robots to be taken out of production, greatly improving your productivity and bottom line.


Jump right into your next project with a personalized digital twin template of your robot cell

Quickly setup your project environment using your cell template containing all of your fixed components, and import your exact CAD part directly into your environment and easily position it exactly where you need it.


Efficiently program your part with integrated tools for creating and optimizing robot motions

Program multiple robots simultaneously, with support for many different robot brands in unique configurations. Regardless of robot brand, the programming process is identical.​ Reduce your programming time with simple, effective tools which put your robot exactly where you need it.


Validate the accuracy of your welding program through simulation in your digital twin

Choose how you want see your project in action, by simulating start-to-finish, or by scrubbing to any location in your programs. Optimize your project by calculating cycle time instantly.


Create accurate robot code ready for immediate production

Quickly generate your ready-to-run robot code in your robot brand's unique language. View and update your robot code directly in OCTOPUZ; no need for a separate text editor.

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