The simple solution for the visualization of CT Data.


Import and export data with minimal interference from major industrial CT systems using .bmp, .jpg, .jp2, .raw, .tif, DICOM, and DICONDE formats.

Rapidly incorporate other metrology projects created in VGSTUDIO MAX or VGMETROLOGY for total data coverage and project clarification.

Visualization of CT data made simple

VGSTUDIO is the ideal choice for visual quality inspection in industrial applications, e.g., in the electronics industry, but also for the visualization of data in fields of academic research such as archaeology, geology, and life sciences.

Reconstruct, visualize, animate, and report whenever you need to.

VGSTUDIO covers the entire workflow, from the precise reconstruction of three-dimensional volume data sets using the images taken by your CT scanner to visualization (in 3D and 2D) and the creation of impressive animations.


Simple measurement instruments

Gather definite and accurate CT measurements using distance, polyline length, and angle measurement instruments. VGSTUDIO’s integrated snap mode lets you snap instruments to a level surface for precision measuring.


Detailed videos and animations

Create impressive animations of volume data while automatically generating camera trajectories between two or more frames. You can save your animations as a movie or image stack.


Display analysis and reports

Will display all analysis data generated in VGSTUDIO MAX or VGMETROLOGY using compatible export and report features, even allowing you to save reports as customized tests.

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