Perform fully automated inspection of CT data on the shop floor.


Easily create and modify testing programs and plans, scaling your software to work in synchronization with production for immediate feedback on component quality.

Rapidly build new jobs from scratch, or modify current projects as and when required, without compromising on built costs.

Complete inspection tasks in the correct order, based on the priority you assign them, thanks to VGinLINE’s analysis software.

Automatically inspect your parts in a non-destructive environment

Simple and quick to set up, VGinLINE is adapted to work with almost every CT system on the market, granting you unparalleled flexibility in how you approach component analysis. VGinLINE’s adaptability and intuitive reconfigurability allow you to adjust for small changes in product design with minimal effort and reduced costs.

The key benefits of using VGinLINE include:

Integrate world-leading efficiency into your production process

Use VGinLINE’s varied analysis tools, such as coordinate measurement, wall thickness analysis, nominal/ actual comparison, and defect detection, for precision component analysis.

Features of VGinLINE include:


Interactive HTML reports

The new HTML format is an all-in-one solution that supports interactive elements, like part or result 3D views, and is easily accessible with any Chromium-based browser like Edge or Chrome.


Linear sizes

Simplify standard conform measurements with direct support for modifier symbols ([LP], (E), [GG]), empowering easy evaluations for many size features.


Improvements for Erode/dilate ROI sphere mode

You can now specify the sphere radius in length units, even on anisotropic data sets, resulting in significantly faster computation speeds.


PNG format for streamlined image stack import and export

Bypass the need for additional file conversions when using PNG as a storage or data exchange format.


New DICONDE export

Volume data can now also be exported in the DICONDE format, which includes the existing tags.


PNG format for saving images

Experience better image-saving capabilities with native PNG format support, allowing lossless compression and 3D view images that include an alpha channel.


Preserve metadata between volumes

Transfer metainformation like DICONDE tags between different volumes in a scene, even when creating entirely new volumes from initial scan results.


Improved VGEasyPore relative mode

The updated relative mode in VGEasyPore enables easier and more precise pore detection.


Faster VGEasyPore

VGEasyPore now runs up to three times faster on datasets with many small potential indications.


Selection/deselection of "Crop" function in the P 203 porosity analysis

With the new function "Crop indications at freeform ROI edges", you can now decide whether pore feature parameters should only be evaluated within the ROI boundaries or, if desired, also within and beyond them.

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