Absolute Arm with BendingStudio XT

Combining BendingStudio XT software with Absolute Arm 3D laser scanning and probing hardware delivers unmatched speed and flexibility.


Faster tube and wire measurement made portable

This speed and portability come without compromise. The Absolute Arm, together with BendingStudio XT is fully applicable to complex tube and wire formations, including bend-in-bend and freeform. It can easily compensate for deflection in long and flexible tubes. The open bender interface of BendingStudio XT is configurable for direct data transfer to most CNC benders, allowing immediate production correction when deviations are identified.

Using one of the high-end laser scanners available for the Absolute Arm 7-Axis as the measurement input tool for the BendingStudio XT software platform delivers the high-speed measurement of high-quality 3D laser scanning – full tube geometries can be captured with only a few quick sweeps of the laser scanner. This speed perfectly complements the extreme flexibility of portable measuring arm technology, which can be quickly situated in any place where measurements need to be made.

Absolute Arm with BendingStudio XT Specifications

Measurement technology​

Infrared tube probe​

3D laser scanner​

Measurable tube diameter​

4 – 130 mm (tube probe)​

3 – 300 mm (laser scanner)​

Max. tube length​

Unlimited repositioning​

Bending angle​

1 - 340°​

Min. straight between bends​

Bend-in-bend and freeform (laser scanner)​

Bend-in-bend with limitation, freeform not possible (tube probe)​

Measurement accuracy​

0.1 mm (1σ) – tube probe​

0.05 mm (1σ) – laser scanner​

Measuring volume​

2 – 4.5 m diameter (7-axis arm)​

1.2 – 4.5m diameter (6-axis arm)​

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