An intelligent CAD CAM Software for Woodworking, Metal & Stone Cutting.


Save valuable time with effective automation routines and repeatable machining styles.

Minimize costs with ALPHACAM’s automatic, best-in-class nesting functionality.

Streamline the processing of solid assemblies for effective manufacturing in any workplace.

Push boundaries with highly customizable CAM software for wood, stone, and composites

Harness the power of this full-featured CAM solution, designed for manufacturers desiring fast, efficient toolpaths and the creation of reliable, machine-ready CNC code.

Innovative, easy-to-use software for programming CNC routers

ALPHACAM is intelligent CAD CAM Software for wood, stone, and composites.

Features of ALPHACAM include:


Full featured CAD Tools

ALPHACAM’S integrated CAD tools allow users to import or draw CAD geometries and create smart parts utilizing parametric sketching tools.



Automate repetitive tasks for processing batches of files with ALPHACAM – from file preparation through to applying toolpaths.



ALPHACAM’s intelligent nesting helps users maximize material usage, and supports grain matching, fixed part orientation, tool lead in/out, and onion skinning for small parts.

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