BendingStudio XT (Software)

The complete platform for bending data and processes.


The complete platform for bending data and processes

BendingStudio XT links all data and processes involved in the manufacture of bended parts, from production and process planning to manufacturing and quality control.

It is the only tool to meet and combine these requirements with an emphasis on metrological processes. In combination with TubeInspect or Absolute Arm systems, BendingStudio XT offers efficient and customer-oriented solutions with a unique combination of speed, accuracy and flexibility.

BendingStudio XT (Software) Specifications

Measurement system


Absolute arm 6 & 7-axis

Data import formats

G-Tube (GTT), TubeShaper (TSP), DOCS (DS), Vector (PRT), CSV, FIF, SV, VDA, XML, $$$; ​

other ASCII formats individually configurable; possible to import multiple files in one batch​

Data export formats

CSV, FIF, SV and other ​

ASCII formats individually configurable; DFQ (qs-STAT)​

Available packages​



Automation (for TubeInspect HRC model)​

Bending machine brands supported​

Most brands of bending machine​

Please see brochure for complete list​

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