Manufacturing project management software designed specifically for custom manufacturing.


Fully and effectively optimize your supply chain to respect and meet expected customer deadlines.

Take complete control over the production, quality, and delivery of all your projects to exceptional production standards.

Keep expected project costs to a minimum by monitoring, refining, and automating general business practices.

Efficiently automate your project’s management

Get ahead of the competition by delivering high-quality products in short, achievable timeframes. Optimize business and production processes with WORKPLAN’s integral flexibility and adaptability software, putting you steps ahead of other types of ERP/MES.

The key benefits of using WORKPLAN include:

Plan, organize, and execute forward-thinking projects.

From initial inquiry and the creation of quotes to the sending of order confirmations and dispatch, WORKPLAN’s dedicated project management applications help you get manufacturing operations off on the right foot.


Sales management

WORKPLAN is specially designed to manage your projects from A to Z. WORKPLAN provides you with the tools to personalize your offers with additional costs on a technical level.


Information manager

All of WORKPLAN’s documentation and data is stored centrally, making it available at any time. With WORKPLAN, you can set up automatic email reminders and manage and track all actions based on your personal task list.


Production management

WORKPLAN enables you to collate employee hours and machine hours in real-time, giving you an overview of tasks performed by machines and employees. The workshop view allows real-time supervision of activities.

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