DELTA OPERA combines the advantages of both bridge and gantry-type CMMs to make loading large parts safe and efficient.


DELTA OPERA makes loading very large parts simple, safe, and efficient

The evolution of DELTA OPERA stems back to the 1960s, with the pioneering DEA gantry machines that delivered fast and accurate inspection of large parts for decades. Drawing on this history of innovation, the DELTA OPERA’s unique half-bridge and half-gantry open structure offers with unprecedented levels of part loading efficiency, combined with high measurement precision and speed.

DELTA OPERA Specifications


From 3.2μm + 3.0 L/1000, MPE(E0/E150)₂) [19-21 °C]​

From 3.2μm + 3.5 L/1000, MPE(E0/E150)₂) [18-22 °C]​

From 3.6μm + 5.2 L/1000, MPE(E0/E150)₂) [16-26 °C]

Probe type compatibility

Touch trigger probe​

Scanning probe​

Laser scanner probe

Automation ready


Temperature specification

19 - 21 °C​

18 - 22 °C​

16 - 26 °C

₁ According to ISO 10360-2 (2009)​

₂ E0, MPE/E150, MPE specifications are to be formally understood as E0,MPE* /E150, MPE* for the case where non-normal CTE material calibrated test lengths are used.​

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