The DELTA SLANT is a line of gantry coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) that excel in the high-accuracy inspection of large machined parts.


A new performance standard in gantry CMMs

DELTA SLANT is a line of large gantry CMMs that combine high throughput, accuracy, and repeatability with excellent reliability when operating in an open shop environment. Advanced mechanical structure, dual encoder on the main carriage, high-stiffness silicon carbide ram for the Performance version, and high-resolution certified scales are essential features that make this line the ideal system for inspecting and digitizing large precision components.

Two versions are available: DELTA SLANT Classic and DELTA SLANT Performance, with superior dynamic and accuracy performances. Both versions can be equipped with the optional SF-Kit (Shop-Floor). The structural thermal compensation, thermally insulated covers, and forced-air circulation in the machine frame allow operation and high accuracy performance at ambient temperatures varying between 16 and 26 °C.

DELTA SLANT Specifications


From 3.5μm + 3.2 L/1000, MPE(E0/E150)₁) [19-21 °C]​

From 3.5μm + 3.5 L/1000, MPE(E0/E150)₁) [18-22 °C]​

From 3.7μm + 5.5 L/1000, MPE(E0/E150)₁) [16-26 °C]

Probe type compatibility

Touch trigger probe​

Scanning probe​

Laser scanner probe

Automation ready


Temperature specification​

19 - 21 °C​

18 - 22 °C​

16 - 26 °C

₁ E0, MPE/E150, MPE specifications are to be formally understood as E0,MPE* /E150, MPE* for the case where non-normal CTE material calibrated test lengths are used.​

₂ According to ISO 10360-2 (2009)

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