Solution for efficient management of tools and resources.


Central, uniform data organization for all production levels.

Affordable set-up and deployment costs.

Efficient manufacturing that requires 20% fewer tools and production aids.

Optimization of set-up processes, which increases machine utilization by up to 5%.

Solution for factory automation

FASYS supports the entire manufacturing workflow, from conception to final product, by providing you with the relevant production information and securing the integration of all systems involved.

Benefits of FASYS include:

Efficient tool and operational resource management

Whether it is design, planning, or NC programming, FASYS supports the entire manufacturing workflow from conception to final product by providing you with relevant production information and securing the integration of all systems involved.

Features of FASYS include:


3D tool and equipment management

All relevant production data in accordance with DIN 4000 is available immediately and can be centrally classified and managed. Connection conditions on the workpiece/machine side (DIN 4000- 95) describe how individual components can be assembled into a complete tool.


CAD/CAM direct interface

Integration of NC programming systems is achieved with the assistance of the CAM interface, which supports the transfer (check-in and checkout) of files, tools, cutting data, and graphics. During the CAM process, all data records are automatically blocked for access by other users.


DNC production client

FASYS supports the connection of multiple machines or presetting devices to a single PC. The production-oriented Windows application provides access to all required documents (job papers, NC program, set-up sheet, etc.) from the production island.


Tool cycle

For an optimal cycle, all tools are managed based on an identification number as well as Duplo index and identified uniquely via an ID chip or holder number.


Stock management

All physical resources are administrated via FASYS inventory management, which organizes stock in cabinets, lift systems, or dispensers. It also monitors minimum inventory and provides an optimal interface to common ERP/PPC systems.

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