Automated CAM solution for heavy industry and custom production.


Quick and efficient programming for production machining, with an extremely user-friendly workflow interface.

Combine EDGECAM with your in-house knowledge and experience to suit different applications.

Improve manufacturing productivity with an automated system that offers complete machine simulation.

Your automated CAM system for custom and serial production

With unparalleled ease of use and sophisticated toolpath generation, EDGECAM is the ideal CAM system for milling, turning, and mill-turn machining, especially for production machining applications.

CAM solution for production machining

EDGECAM provides comprehensive and intelligent NC part programming for milling, turning, and mill-turn applications.

Features of EDGECAM include:



EDGECAM Milling offers a broad palette of milling cycles to process mechanical components and complex free-form surfaces efficiently. EDGECAM Mill-turn supports common components of current multi-axis lathes, while complete machine simulation guarantees a high level of safety.



From 2-axis lathes, multi-turret configurations, and sub-spindle turning centers, to complex milling/turning machines, EDGECAM Turning covers a large range of different machine tools.


Strategy management

EDGECAM Strategy manager offers enormous savings; you can freely define PCI macros for all your production processes which give you complete NC programs at the touch of a button.


Waveform roughing

Waveform maintains a constant cutter engagement for smoother, more stable high-speed machining. The tool moves in a continuous path to avoid sharp changes in direction while sustaining a constant, elevated feed rate.


In-process inspection

Simulate test procedures in your turning-milling machine and select from different measurement cycles with EDGECAM Inspect support.

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