HxGN Sheet Metal Fabrication

HxGN Sheet Metal Fabrication

HxGN Sheet Metal Fabrication offers end-to-end solutions for sheet metal manufacturers.


Successfully grow your business by manufacturing productivity improvement.

Capable optimization of the overall project as well as the product cost.

High performance nesting algorithms significantly optimize the use of the sheet and generates substantial savings on raw materials.

Streamline manufacturing from initial enquiry to invoicing

Sheet metal fabrication involves the design and manufacturing of sheet metal components and assemblies. It is essential for industry verticals including automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, electronics, medical, oil and gas, and consumer products. Hexagon’s end-to-end solution for sheet metal fabrication addresses these challenges at each stage of the workflow from inquiry to dispatch using a smart manufacturing approach based on RADAN, DESIGNER and WORKPLAN.

Optimize material usage and machine times


Radquote quoting system

Radquote is a sheet metal quotation program that will enable you to quickly and easily create quotes for sheet metal parts. It gives you a full breakdown of the costs and allows you to alter each cost area to give you the flexibility you need when negotiating.


Combination machine support

Use RADAN Combi to program your punching/laser combination machines; this is the perfect solution if you’re utilizing both punch and profile technologies.


Tube cutting

Included in the RADAN product suite is Radtube, a CAD-CAM solution that drives dedicated tube cutting machines and rotary axis on flatbed lasers.


Press brake programming

Perfect your products with RADAN Radbend, the ideal solution for the simulation and offline programming of press brakes, utilizing 2D or 3D geometry to automate sequenced operations that are performed manually.

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