Leitz Reference Precision

High-precision fixed probe head measurements of tight tolerance parts.


Measure tight tolerance size and form features

Leitz Reference Precision combines high accuracy and precision with outstanding high-speed scanning capabilities.

The model’s fixed scanning head ensures high, repeatable accuracy even with extra-long probe extensions and heavy styli clusters. This enables users to use high-accuracy scanning across a broader range of measurement applications, including inspecting features deep within parts. In addition, a modular sensor and styli changer rack enables the selection of the best styli options for each application.

Leitz Reference Precision Specifications

Available Size (X, Y, Z)₁

05.04.03 / 07.07.05 / 10.07.06 / 12.09.07 /​

15.09.07 / 20.09.07 / 15.12.09 / 22.12.09 /​

30.12.09 / 40.12.09


From 1.1μm + L/350, MPE(E0/E150)₃) [18-24 °C]​

From 0.7μm + L/400, MPE(E0)₃) [19-21 °C]​

From 0.7μm + L/400, MPE(E150)₃) [19-21 °C]​

From 1.2μm + L/250, MPE(E0/E150)₄) [15-30 °C]

Probe type compatibility

Touch-trigger probe​

Scanning probe​

Non-contact probe (optical sensor)​

Contact probe (roughness sensor)​

Laser scanner probe

Automation ready


Temperature specification

18-24 °C (standard configuration)​

19-21 °C (Accuracy ++ model )​

15-30 °C (XT, option)

₁ Sizes are expressed in dm. I.e., 07.07.05 means X = 700 mm; Y = 700 mm; Z = 500 mm​​

₂ According to ISO 10360-2 (2009)​

₃ MPE(E0/E150) specifications are to be formally understood as MPE(E0E150)* for the case where non-normal CTE material calibrated test lengths are used. Length unit measure (L) in mm​

₄ XT option only

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