HP-S-X3 Scanning Probes

Compact, cost-effective, and accurate 3D scanning probes which can carry up to 360 mm long probing extensions and styli clusters.


High-speed scanning probes

The HP-S-X3 offers fast single-point probing for all standard measuring tasks and High-Speed-Scanning for form and profile inspection and is ideally suited for dimensional control of small to medium high-accuracy prismatic parts and complex geometries.

An automatic tool-changing capability allows styli change within a measuring program without needing probe requalification. Magnetic clamping of styli on the sensor permits fast and reliable changes.

HP-S-X3 Scanning Probes Specifications

Probe type


Probe mounting

TKJ (kinematic joint)

Stylus holder thread


Max. stylus length

Up to 360 mm

Max. stylus weight

150g (incl. stylus clamping)

Measurement range

+/- 1mm in all axes


< 0.1 μm

Linear stiffness

6 N/mm

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