MSC Apex

MSC Apex

An easy-to-use software designed for effective virtual product development.


With smart toolsets and functionality at your fingertips, you can simplify complex operations into clicks and drags. MSC Apex addresses tedious and time-consuming tasks by reducing your workdays to hours, providing embedded, innovative technologies that empower the front-end features.

Multi-purpose tools ensure that the application is as simple to use as possible, with helpful guidance promoting single day productivity.

MSC Apex provides impressive productivity of x10 to x50 for CAE analysts and offers specific gains of 30x in meshing alone.

An enjoyable user experience with incredible productivity enhancements

MSC Apex Modeler is a CAE-specific direct modeling and meshing solution. It cleverly streamlines CAD cleanup and meshing workflow with interactive tools that are accessible and easy to learn.

These are the benefits of using MSC Apex:

A fully-integrated, structural analysis solution for engineers and analysts.

MSC Apex is a CAE-specific direct modeling and meshing solution that cleverly streamlines the analysis workflow from CAD through to results visualization. Features of MSC Apex include:


CAD and Mesh

This software uses extensive geometry preparation tools, such as midsurfacing and cleanup. Its high-quality meshes provide you with the best, idealized model in the fastest possible time.


Solver analysis and validation

With analysis readiness checks and comprehensive solver support, MSC Apex ensures first-run success.


Regenerative updates

Experience premium simulation data that updates in real-time while design changes are made.


Scripting and automation

Benefit from Python scripting that extends functionality and enables you to seamlessly complete tasks with various scripts already built in.

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