Enterprise grade simulation process and data management (SPDM) solution, empowering makers across industries for over 2 decades.


Access a central, secure, and searchable simulations environment with built-in traceability, minimizing data clutter for more efficient work.

Foster collaboration and improve workflows while connecting globally distributed teams to accelerate innovation. Cloud and multisite capabilities enhance flexibility and scalability.

Transparently track project progress, managing all simulation data processes from project initiation to the final report.

Simplify complex data and model management through an open, tools-agnostic platform, facilitating seamless integration of intricate systems for organizations.

Enable Collaboration and Drive increased simulation throughput.

Unlock product innovation and gain a competitive edge by accelerating time-to-market, driving intelligent decision-making, while enhancing collaboration, streamlining workflows, and saving costs.

Enabling Innovation & Improving Productivity

SimManager is fully capable of helping companies leverage their most valuable engineering experts in the most efficient way, focused directly on meeting the complex needs of those working in simulation. It establishes and standardizes industry best practices, ensuring simulation quality is rigorously maintained.


Data Ingestion, Retrieval and Navigation

Intuitive and efficient ways to import, retrieve and navigate vital simulation data. Customize dashboards using user-configurable widgets for easy access to frequently used data. Display multiple objects of the same type in a table view for quick and confident data location. Configure hierarchical trees for a consistent data navigation pattern.


Simulation Process Management

Template-based work requests to define workflows, assign tasks and track progress. Prepare models, load cases, and submit high number of simulation jobs to existing High-Performance Computing resources. Report and compare virtual-to-virtual or virtual-to-physical test results in an automatically generated company specific format. Productivity tools like Simulation Generator, Multi Run, Report Generation. Easy integration with popular CAE tools.


Full traceability: Design to Simulation Report

Audit and track all steps within the simulation process. Automatically capture data pedigree, accessible through the graph-based pedigree viewer tool. Every entry in this tool is a hyperlink, enabling straightforward navigation to individual data artifact viewers. This simplifies tasks like identifying the CAD revision used to generate a report.


Visualization and Comparison

Easily identify differences using various templates (Image-Image, Movie-Movie, Image-Movie, and 3D model) for efficient visualization and comparison. The curve compare tool enables swift comparison of multiple curves, including basic mathematical operations like interpolation, to detect trends and anomalies swiftly.

Frequently Asked Questions

SPDM, or Simulation Process and Data Management, is crucial in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) as it efficiently handles the large volume of data generated by simulations. CAE is vital for rapid product development and cost reduction by minimizing physical prototyping/testing. However, CAE's diverse operations pose challenges in simulation volume, accuracy, speed, and cost. SPDM is designed to manage this simulation data and processes effectively.

SPDM systems are purpose-built for managing simulation data and processes, such as Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics, which are increasingly popular. The rising data volumes demand efficient management for quick answers to design questions and streamlined product development. SPDM systems benefit companies of all sizes by saving time and resources in the design and development process.

Many manufacturing companies use Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) to stay competitive. SPDM enhances productivity, reduces errors, and provides insights into the engineering cycle. It stores and traces all simulation data, facilitating "what if" studies. Centralizing compute capacity and licenses leads to significant IT cost savings. Users like BMW and Audi have reported substantial savings in preprocessing, post-processing, and human effort. Integrating SPDM with simulations offers value by increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and ensuring data certainty in engineering workflows for design and production.

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