MSC Nastran

MSC Nastran

The premiere finite element analysis solver that continues to be the selected choice by engineers for over 50 years.


Create virtual prototypes early in the design process to reduce costs traditionally associated with physical prototyping.

Remedy structural issues that may occur during a product’s service to minimize downtime and lower costs.

Optimize the performance of existing designs or develop unique product differentiators to gain competitive industry advantages.

Trusted FEA simulation and results

With over 50 years of real-world experience in finite element analysis (FEA), MSC Nastran is the most trusted FEA solver for industries such as aerospace and automotive. MSC Nastran is a multidisciplinary structural analysis application used by engineers to perform static, dynamic, and thermal analysis across linear and nonlinear domains. It is complemented by automated structural optimization and award winning embedded fatigue analysis technologies, all enabled by high-performance computing.

The key benefits of using MSC Nastran are:

Trusted multidisciplinary structural analysis

MSC Nastran serves the broad requirements of a general multidisciplinary analysis solver while also prioritizing high-performance computing, automating structural optimization, and collaborative workflow.

Features of MSC Nastran include:


Multidisciplinary structural analysis

MSC Nastran utilizes multiple disciplinary types, meaning you can handle a wide variety of engineering problems using one software solution.


Structural assembly modeling

Structural systems consist of numerous components that should be analyzed as a whole. MSC Nastran facilitates this and features several methods of joining multiple components for system-level structural analysis.


Automated structural optimization

Design optimization is a critical element in product development. MSC Nastran includes optimization algorithms that automatically seek optimal configurations in an allowed design space.


High-performance computing

Analysis models can be very complex, requiring an extended period of time to solve using traditional FEM applications. Instead, MSC Nastran features many high-performance computing capabilities enabling that enable you to solve difficult problems fast.

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