Nexus Compute

Nexus Compute

Effortlessly initiate simulations without constraints on compute resources or software licenses, enabling rapid completion of simulation projects.


Scalability: Ability to scale computational resources according to project demands

Accessibility: Easy access to high-performance computing resources from anywhere

Cost-effectiveness: Eliminates the need for upfront investments in Hardware and Software and allows for pay-as-you-go pricing models.

Flexibility: Easily manage simulation workload without worrying about Software license or Hardware capacity issues

Collaboration: Share and collaborate in same space to enhance productivity

Scalable cloud-based computing solution for simulation needs

Nexus features Compute, a capability enabling scalable cloud-based execution of our FEA and CFD solvers.

CAE users can run MSC Nastran, Marc, Actran, scFlow, scSTREAM, Dytran, Simufact Welding & CAEfatigue solvers utilizing a consumption-based pricing model.

This service scales easily and can run multiple simulations concurrently, ensuring swift completion.


Run the Solvers on Cloud

Upload the files required to run the simulation, launch the simulation (default or advanced settings), monitor the execution, review simulation results, and download the result files.


Pay Per Use

Use consumption-based pricing model to get value as it gets delivered with Pay-per-use model.


Sharing & Collaboration

Invite team members to your project to collaborate on same document.

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