Simulate and improve the acoustic behavior of your products to reduce noise and optimize their sound quality.

Designed to tackle the most common acoustic problems experienced by automotive, aerospace, and consumer product engineers, Actran will change the way you approach large-scale sound concerns, by providing a range of high-tech tools and systems to predict and evaluate acoustic performance.

Identify noise levels early in the design process to meet constantly changing and stringent noise regulations.

Understand and implement key insights into acoustic phenomena, to improve the acoustic performance of products.

Complete solution for noise and acoustics, providing accuracy, speed and ease-of-use for acoustics, vibro-acoustics and aeroacoustics problems across the full frequency range.

Swift and intuitive acoustic prediction tools to deliver high-performing products

Actran enables you to push the boundaries of acoustic design, by reducing product development time and gathering increased insights into how to improve product performance. Its advanced simulation tools make predicting acoustic issues a seamless task.

A complete acoustic simulation solution for tackling any acoustic or noise problem

Reinvent your acoustic analysis and modelling operations, ranging from aircraft engine noise and powertrain noise to trim packages and sound barriers. Actran’s intuitive graphical user interface facilitates the modelling of acoustics across the sound spectrum, and its state-of-the-art solvers provide answers fast, for more design iterations at a lower cost.


NVH assessment

Meeting NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) targets becomes easy with Actran’s proven workflows for predicting low-to-mid frequency structure-borne noise, considering the complete acoustic trim package in a highly accurate and computationally efficient manner.


High-frequency noise modelling

Actran’s Statistical Energy Analysis approach allows you to efficiently study noise and vibration propagation inside large systems at mid to high frequencies. With Actran, engineers can use existing Finite Element vibro-acoustic models to create mid-to-high frequency SEA models easily and without specialist knowledge.



Actran’s advanced capabilities accurately and efficiently predict noise generation of turbulent flows. Coupling with a large variety of CFD solvers, Actran’s hybrid approach empowers engineers to perform aeroacoustic simulation for final design validation or design comparison.


Application-specific workflows

Containing a variety of vertical applications that define specific step-by-step processes, the Actran Workflow Manager empowers different teams to collaborate on predicting noise and acoustic performance earlier in the design phase. Current vertical applications include pass-by noise, electromagnetic noise, damping package positioning, transmission loss-based SEA and psychoacoustics, and connections with Nastran for space and super-elements.


Dedicated GUI and post-processing for acoustics

Actran’s portfolio of pre-processing and post-processing tools provides a complete solution for creating and examining acoustic and NVH models. With an intuitive, ribbon-based interface and dedicated meshing tools for acoustics, Actran VI makes advanced functionality accessible to users of all levels for efficiently creating acoustic models. Bespoke post-processing functionality includes contour plots, iso-surfaces, animations, frequency response function plotting and waterfall plots.

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