Q-DAS solara.MP

Q-DAS solara.MP

Statistical software that establishes measurement process capability and test process capability.


Measurement system analysis

Attribute process capability

Eliminate measurement uncertainty

Results you can rely on

Avoid misinterpretation of process data by ensuring measurement values obtained reflect the actual situation.

The benefits of using Q-DAS solara.MP include:

Measurement system analysis

The evaluation of machines, production facilities and current manufacturing processes is based on the statistical analysis of predefined characteristic values. To avoid misinterpretations, the recorded measured values must be reliable, reflecting the actual conditions, while measurement processes have to be capable of performing the demanded task in the respective situation.

Features of Q-DAS solara.MP include:


Measurement system capability as per MSA

solara.MP conducts required capability analyses to establish measurement system capability according to industry standards.


Accessible reporting

Informative graphics, key performance indicators, and reports provide an accurate, efficient, and easily interpretable analysis of measurement systems.


Inspection process suitability as per VDA 5 ed 3

VDA Volume 5 evaluates measurement processes based on measurement uncertainty. The calculation of measurement uncertainty is based on a pragmatic approach that calculates the expanded measurement uncertainty.


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