FTI FormingSuite

FTI FormingSuite

Cost engineering, process planning, and sheet metal simulation for progressive and line dies.


Establish target costs of pieces and tooling, with a detailed process plan for quoting, including high-quality images to detail die actions in each operation.

Powerful stamping analysis package for blank development, process design validation, and virtual prove-out.

Accurately identify safety zone, FLD, material thinning, gathering conditions, major/minor strain, springback and provides compensation data.

Identify product design changes that improve material utilization and reduce costs.

Reduce sheet metal spend and tooling costs

FTI FormingSuite is the premier cost engineering, early feasibility, and virtual process validation software for sheet metal components. It empowers engineers to design quality products the first time, optimizing material and tooling costs.

Optimize design, feasibility and costing of sheet metal components.

FTI FormingSuite with Costoptimizer® Professional lets you create and document processing plans with high speed and accuracy, as well as verify formability and identify design changes that can lead to substantial cost reductions.


All-in-one evaluation

Combine sheet metal part design, feasibility evaluation, material and tooling cost evaluation, process planning, and stamping simulation into one effective software solution.


Quick analysis

Utilize a fast and accurate method for creating and documenting process plans, verifying formability, developing blank shapes and coil nests, evaluating springback, and identifying product and process design changes in the early design stages that lead to substantial cost reductions.


Integrity of quotations

Cost Engineers can verify that suppliers are using material efficiently and charging market price based on production tooling costs (target costing).


Stamping process validation

Use FTI FormingSuite's detailed validation solution for confirming tooling designs and process parameters before cutting dies.

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