An effective materials lifecycle management system designed to link material specialists to mechanical simulation.

Benefit from MaterialCenter’s enterprise-scalable system, which efficiently manages materials data and processes. Make smarter high-quality decisions by visually analyzing complex datasets to accelerate the material down-selection process seamlessly.

A process-oriented, automation approach to data management effectively minimizes manual data entry activities.

Find information quickly using a robust and intuitive interface for data search.

Compare all data types including tabular, curves, and images for full traceability and accountability.

The web-based interface features data management processes that enable distributed data authoring and maintenance.

Manage material models, data, and processes from a central location with full traceability

Ensure engineers use a consistent source of approved materials derived from traceable, integrated processes to improve simulation fidelity, reduce data loss and skillfully eliminate tedious manual data management activities.

The key benefits of MaterialCenter include:

Improve efficiency with interactive material data visualization tools, approval workflows and integration frameworks

MaterialCenter is the single point of entry for all materials-related activities. This includes physical test data entry and reduction, robust multi-scale materials modelling, useful approval workflow, and the export of simulation-ready data for analysis.

Features of MaterialCenter include:


Extract key information

Use interactive navigation tools and graphical search capabilities to quickly find the information you need with full traceability.


Easily track projects

Benefit from work requests and approval workflow and utilize dashboards for managerial oversight to track pending and completed tasks.


Integration and scalability

Achieve efficiency through integrations with external applications, enabling accurate transmission of materials data.


Advanced security configuration and application

Protect proprietary engineering data seamlessly using multi-level security mechanisms.

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